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— Claude Meylan was founded by the Meylan family, one of the four original watchmaking families in the Vallée de Joux, the heart of Swiss watchmaking. World Tempus caught up with Philippe Belais, the owner and CEO of Claude Meylan to talk about Replica Watches and the future of the brand.


What sets Claude Meylan apart from others?
We benefit from over 300 years of know-how and focus on the watchmaking art. We are Masters of Skeletons and we are not a manufacture, so we explain that we exclusively work with very reliable movements, produced in mass and accessible in terms of price. Therefore, the Claude Meylan customer truly buys our savoir faire, our Sculptures of Time.

What keeps the brand relevant today?
The Maison has kept its consistency and know how. Focused and clear in its own territory, Claude Meylan, as a Sculptor of Time, offers a large selection of skeleton movements — probably the largest and the most accessible today.

Of what are you proudest?
I am proud of our ability to associate the true and deep values of traditional watchmaking with the current world, which is over-communicated and overdosed with social activities. Product wise, we are very proud to create, innovate and consistently be different whilst many things have already been done in the world of Swiss replica watches.

What product are you most excited about?
The Tortue de Joux enhances our values and demonstrates our creativity. A traditional turtle shape fitted with an entirely skeletonized movement that no one will recognize while appreciating the finesse of its workings.


Three “Tortue” models. © Claude Meylan Replica Watches

What makes this watch special?
It has a case with character and timeless elegance housing a unique movement specially designed and featuring several innovations in terms of aesthetics and construction. Its positioning is realistic and affordable!

Who is the customer for Claude Meylan?
This is probably the most difficult question to answer as we are seen on the wrists of many different kinds of people. Nowadays, should we put customers in a box or should we accept their diversity? The beauty is that we are able to tease and excite the young generation with our creativity and transparency as well as satisfy the older customer with refined and discreet elegance in the details and savoir faire.

What are your most important markets?
Switzerland, as our home market has always been significant. The Middle East, the Far East and Japan are amongst our leading markets.

What do you think makes Claude Meylan stand out?
Our unique proposition in a variety of styles and yet always expressing the Art of Skeletons made in the Vallée de Joux!


Repetition 5. © Claude Meylan

What is the direction of the brand for the future? Where will Claude Meylan be in five years? 10 years?
The clearest direction is a straight line and therefore we will continue to focus and express our savoir faire. Be it in five or 10 years, Claude Meylan will be present in a few more countries and will not divert from its signature; Claude Meylan – Sculpteur du Temps.

What is the mission for Claude Meylan?
Claude Meylan represents the beauty of watch making in the purest tradition of the watchmakers from the Vallee de Joux. From its savoir-faire and unleashed creativity, Claude Meylan sets news horizons in the treatment and the interpretation of time. We master, perpetuate and further develop the framework of vintage and contemporary noble movements to sculpt living moments in time.