Harry Winston Replica Watches Premier Precious Butterfly Automatic 36mm

UK Replica Watches — The House of Harry Winston invites you to discover its new collection Premier Precious Butterfly.

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In the stunning Premier Feathers, Harry Winston combines two ancestral skills: horology and feather art. With its new Premier models, the House wishes to continue exploring unexpected pairings and use another highly original technique Replica Breitling Watches.

The material chosen for this model – butterfly wings – is brimming with emotions and symbolism. The vibrant colors adorning the Premier Precious Butterfly timepieces are created using the fragile powder found on butterfly wings. Harry Winston designers successfully harvested and placed this delicate powder on each of its dials, a technique that required three years of creative reflection and development.

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Premier Precious Butterfly.
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Still, each dial is as unique as a butterfly. Harry Winston designers expertly use the delicate powder with its extraordinary pigment to transform the dials into artistic creations. This powder is the only material used to create the unique motif and allows for a rare visual experience.

Harry Winston introduces three other models that also explore this technique. With each of these timpieces, the pigments create a fascinating kaleidoscope of colors as they recreate butterfly wings. The dials catch and hold light just like the wings of a butterfly found in nature. The sapphire crystal seems to be the only thing keeping the butterfly inside the gold case, set with 57 brilliant-cut diamonds.

The timepieces in the Premier Precious Butterfly collection are driven by a mechanical automatic movement equipped with a silicon balance spring ensuring excellent precision. The movement finishes – circular Côtes de Genève, rhodium plating and circular graining – speak to the attention to detail cherished by the House of Harry Winston.

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Variations of the Premier Precious Butterfly.
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